Saturday, June 27, 2009


While we continue to recruit a couple of folks to join us, I'll jump on the proverbial grenade and take a first crack at Ink Spots. Our description gives the basic details of who we are and why we're here, but I'll elaborate a little futher just to get things started.

As mentioned, we all work in security affairs. I won't say "national" security as not all of us work specifically on U.S. issues. But the bloggers here are a group of young, smart security professionals. We are all friends, but we are rarely of the same mind on the issues that matter most.

I'll keep this simple just to kick things off, but we are excited to provide a forum for us to express ourselves and to allow you all to comment on what we have to say. In the short term, we look forward to many interesting events that will affect international security: the withdrawal of U.S. forces from urban centers in Iraq, the command review in Afghanistan, the constant shenanigans in the DRC (and most of sub-Saharan Africa for that matter, though I'm sure our Africanists can speak to it more eloquently than "shenanigans" in the future), and the shaping of the U.S. military with the coming budget fights and longer-term QDR.

We'll start tackling the issues shortly. We hope that you find our postings and analysis useful and entertaining. And we also hope that you comment on it - otherwise I'm just yelling into an echo chamber.