Thursday, September 17, 2009

WAR NERD ALERT: Army camouflage drama! (UPDATED)

I've written a little bit about the Army Combat Uniform in the past, but mostly have limited my rants to its unsuitability for wear in office buildings rather than its combat effectiveness. Via Wings Over Iraq, I've stumbled across a blog called Strike-Hold! that is all over the debates (that I didn't even know existed) about replacing the ACU with a more, well, camouflagey camouflage. If you're interested in this subject, then check out these posts:

Wings Over Iraq -- 16 SEP Links of the Day (check out the third bullet)

Wings Over Iraq -- 16 AUG Don't tell me I need to buy ANOTHER uniform...

Strike - Hold! -- 31 JUL The US Armed Forces, Congress and The Great Camouflage Controversy – the extended remix

Strike - Hold! -- 31 AUG Mirage, MultiCam, UCP -- a quick comparison

Like I said before, I hadn't heard anything about this stuff, which is a serious blow to my nerd cred. Thanks to Starbuck and Lawrence for their good coverage of the camo drama.

UPDATE: Starbuck is back on this subject today.


  1. missed the part about the crotch seams coming loose at most inopportune kidding. There you are in your action figure post, and suddenly your junk is exposed to the world.

    Not kidding.

    Dude, we INVENTED going Commando. It's for airing, hygiene, and chafing avoidance,not our busy social lives. Now, suddenly all our f**king GI's are wearing red silk boxers. LOL.

  2. action figure "pose". Ooops.

  3. Has anyone considered this may be the military taking a fundraising page from the NBA ?

    Think of all the militia members stockpiling guns in the heartland who'll need to fork out cash for new digs to keep themselves invisible and look cool.

    Or better yet, maybe they patent the pattern and get a cut from all the wankers I see walking around the city in camo shorts.