Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Mike Innes of Monkwire and CTLab alerts us to a new blog.
Eric Randolph, late of Jane's Country Risk and a CTlab contributor, recently relocated to India to get a close look at the underside of AfPak - literally, by looking at goings on in India and reporting it, some of it via Janes and other outlets that pay him for his freelance work, and a lot of it on his blog, The Kikobor.
I haven't had much opportunity to take a look yet, but I trust Mike on this one so it's added to the blogroll. Check it out.

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  1. Perfect blog for Madhu.

    Actually, saw it linked at Monkwire a while back(What? I read around, dear friends, I don't just hang out here!) and one of the linked articles made me laugh - it was a Foreign Policy - or some mag like that - article about the "scary" Indian American lobby and big business and the India-US Nuclear deal....

    I shouldn't make fun. I am giving you all the wrong idea. It's a FANTASTIC blog and the article was quite interesting, actually. It just made me laugh. Another good "relocating to India blog" is Our Delhi Struggle. Not political, more slice of life. They got a book deal out of it, you know.

    Sometimes I think about relocating back to India, too. My mom wanted to open a school back In The Village (the home village and all that) a while back, but it never happened. We are still considering it. For real and everything.