Thursday, June 10, 2010

Best wishes and bon voyage to Tintin

Friend of the blog Wes Morgan, aka Tintin, is headed to Afghanistan tomorrow for a few months of embeds in Helmand, Kandahar, and Paktika with the Royal Marines and the 101st Airborne. (Geez, when I was in college I spent my summers in Quantico and Poland. Boring.)

He's looking for Kindle book selections to keep him busy, so chime in with comments if you've got any.

So spare a thought for Tintin over the next few months. He'll be over there taking a closer look while we sit here in comfortable chairs and bloviate. I'll see if he'll let me squeeze in some of his updates on here while he's gone, as I know people will surely be interested.


  1. Spare more thoughts for the troops I'm visiting, though...they don't get to go back to a cozy dorm room in September.

  2. Obviously you're right. Now I feel like sort of a retard for not saying something to that effect. Man, I'm a douche.

  3. I've got something better than books to read for him.

    Neutrogena Ultimate Sport SPF 70 sunblock. Get it, one bottle for every three months. He'll need it out here in Kandahar. We're already seeing 110 at 1100 every morning.

    Gulliver, didn't even notice your comment. Don't think twice about it.

    Also, get ready for what you're walking into. things are getting lively around here and up in RC(E). We're seeing a few rocket attacks a week at KAF.

    Here's a good primer:

    look me up when you get to KAF, I'll buy the coffee at Tim Horton's. (yes, I am a Sailor, I will still drink coffee when it is 110 outside).

  4. Tintin
    Have you downloaded Calibre for your kindle? You can use it in conjunction with project Gutenberg to download all the classics for FREE. I've been using it for various Victorian classics. Having said that stuff is often better formatted on the kindle store, and out of copywright stuff tends to only cost a few dollars.

    If you are interested in British Politics I would strongly recommend "The End of the Party" by Andrew Rawnsley. Its probably the best book I've read recently, but if you dont care about British Politics it will probably bore the shit out of you.

    More along the lines relevant to the blog I would recommend Task Force Black about SF operations in Iraq (although you have probably read it already)

    More historically I would say "Constantinople" and "Empires of the Sea" about the rise of the Ottoman Empire and the (fairly pathetic) reaction of the European powers, They're both very well written and cover a fascinating period of history.

    Ramzi Nohra

  5. Good luck, Tintin.

    Look around, see what you see, notice things, and give us a little taste of the sights and sounds with your writing, okay? Not to be voyeurs or live second-hand or anything like that, but just to know and understand a little bit more.

    (Good call on the Victorian classics, Ramzi Nohra! And good call on the sunblock suggestions, BATTLE YEOMAN!)