Monday, June 13, 2011

Our long national nightmare is over

Two long-awaited pieces of news to report to you today:

1. The Dallas Mavericks are the NBA Champions, vanquishing LeBron James' carefully-constructed (ha!) super-team and wiping clean the worst moment of my sports-fan life.

2. The Army plans to discontinue the wear of camouflage pajamas in the professional office setting of the Pentagon. A story headlined by the announcement that patrol caps, rather than berets, will become the standard ACU headgear has this little nugget buried near the end:
A more localized uniform decision will affect Soldiers assigned to the Army's headquarters at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. There, Soldiers had been wearing the ACU as their daily uniform. By as early as October, those Soldiers will show up to work in the Army service uniform, Chandler said.

"Our perspective is that this is the corporate part of the Army," he said. "The business-part of the Army is done in the Pentagon, and as a professional there are certain standards of attire associated with certain activities. For the business aspect of the Army, it is the Army service uniform."
Yeah, dude. Yeah.


  1. Long past time. Now will anyone tell the AF pilots that they don't have to wear their saggy flight suits in the Building?

  2. Sour Grapes, Gulliver. All along, you just want to show up to work in your bathrobe: The Big Lebowski of the Pentagon.

    I wish you'd just admit it, for cryin' out loud.


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