Thursday, August 11, 2011

If the last two presidents haven't been "hawk internationalist" enough for you, maybe move to Bismarck's Prussia

Rick Perry's inevitable presidential campaign is starting to take shape, and he's called in the usual neoconservative suspects to give him lessons on national security. One guy who purportedly understands the governor's thinking told Josh Rogin that he'd be a "hawk internationalist," which sounds a lot to me like pretty much every president since Eisenhower.

Here's the line of the week, though:
"He's a cowboy," said Michael Goldfarb, former senior staffer on John McCain's presidential campaign. "You have to assume he'd shoot first and ask questions later -- which would be nice after four years of a leading from behind, too little too late foreign policy."
Now I know Goldfarb is actually proud of being an absolute nonce who would risk catastrophic war to salve his pride or protect geostrategically peripheral "democracies," but how spectacularly and embarrassingly out of touch with the electorate do you have to be to imagine that Americans are interested in a president who "shoots first and asks questions later"?

I mean, I guess he could be right. More cowboyin', please!

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  1. Hey, leave Bismarck out of this. At least he was very conscious of not alienating too many countries at one time. And he did ask questions before he shot.