Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CT Lab is dead. Long live Current Intelligence.

One of our favorite blogs, CT Lab, and shuttered its windows and started a new site called Current Intelligence. The "about" on the new site states:

Current Intelligence is a journal of opinion and analysis. Its editors and writers are preoccupied broadly with culture, politics and current affairs; narrowly with conflict,crisis, and the state of the world "out there"; and laterally with the intellectual concerns of those who research, teach, and write about the issues.

There are quite a few contributors - all very impressive - to the new endeavor, led by frequent Ink Spots commenter Mike Innes. Other contributors that you may recognize from these pages are Christopher Albon, Josh Foust, and Tim Stevens (I name these three only because they have commented here or their own blogs are likely well known to our readers). The new site is on the blogroll and we'll keep the old one up as long as it stays up. So go read and enjoy!


  1. Read the "Letter from Varanasi" on the new site and, man, is that some good writing.

  2. I just found that Jon Western is on Current Intelligence as a columnist. Now that's cool. I have a lot of respect for his work on military interventions.

  3. Much obliged, folks. FYI, Current Intelligence is online, and quarterly in print - or at least, it will be after the first issue, sometime later this year.

    Wrt Jon Western - absolutely. Stand by for the Ed's note on that. :)