Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nulla dies sine Ricks

Because I hate to disappoint SNLII, I volunteer to make Inkspots' daily update on Tom Ricks.

While doing this, I may however cause unnecessary pain and elevated blood pressure in a few of my fellow bloggers, for Ricks' blog is among the finalists for the National Magazine Awards for Digital Media 2010. Ricks competes in the "best blogging" category, which "Recognizes excellence in online reporting, commentary and criticism in the form of a blog." Is the American Society of Magazine Editors mischievously trying to save printed press by promoting the worst of online journalism?


  1. Not to be a total snark (and asked in all seriousness) but what are the National Magazine Awards? Is it prestigious?

    Again, I'm being serious and not trying to put any award donw! Many disclaimers, I know, but it's impossible to understand people on the internet. That's why I think emoticons are not so bad, really.

  2. Kings of War has added this fantastic feature where you have up to five minutes to edit your comment once posted. What a fine site, especially technically. Such an edit function is a feature meant for the likes of me. And, down not donw obviously.

    I asked the above because of the trends toward inflated CVs and credentialism. There are so many awards, and so many prizes, and every line on every CV is filled with fantastic, fantastic doings. Everyone is an A student, everyone is Phi this and Phi that and everyone has volunteer experience for this, that and the other.

    But, obviously, I digress. Hopefully, with some interest and not as horrifyingly as I have in the past few threads.

  3. Madhu: This is actually a very good question to which I, not being very familiar with what makes the heart of the publishing industry beat faster in this country, don't really have an answer.

    I just found however that the awards are "Nicknamed the Digital Ellies for the Alexander Calder stabile 'Elephant,' which is given to each winner." Maybe a tribute to Ricks' sense of nuance and subtlety?

  4. Haha, I don't know what makes the heart of the publishing industry beat faster, either.

    Do you think people who are journalists, or were journalists, are more likely to get nominated? Awards can be very clique-y, although I am not saying that is the case here at all.

    I used to read that site. I liked the occasional focus on women in the military. I found that interesting.

  5. They're big awards.

  6. Awards for blogging are barely even awards. They canceled the 2010 bloggies for gods sakes.