Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So Martin van Creveld, T.X. Hammes, Andrew Bacevich, and Gulliver walk into a bar...

I'm hitting the road in a couple of hours for scenic Carlisle, PA, where I'll be attending this awesome-looking conference at the Army War College.

The DC conference circuit can get a bit stale, if not on account of the speakers then simply for the repetitiveness of the subjects. (As much as I enjoyed hearing him speak, I saw Dave Barno three times in two weeks last month. What's more, on two of those panels he was joined by some of the same folks.) I've never heard van Creveld speak, so I'm particularly looking forward to that part. And an old undergrad history professor of mine who has since hit the mainstream big-time is also speaking, so that should be a trip.

The broad subjects being covered this week -- "The Meaning of War"; "The Historical Context"; "How Do We Know When We're at War?"; "How Do We Know When a War is Over?"; "Who Participates in War?"; "What Rules Govern War?"; and "Why Does it [War, presumably, and the answers to these questions] Matter?" -- could each support entire blogs, so I'd imagine I'll have plenty to write about.

Anybody else going to this? Anybody else have suggestions about which is the most awesome Arby's in Carlisle/Harrisburg, or the optimal driving route from downtown DC?


  1. It's not about the optimal driving route. It's about the timing. There is no optimal driving route between 2:30PM and 7:30PM.

  2. This was sort of my impression. Might have to stall for a while on getting out of town.

  3. Ahem... so I guess over there in D.C. land, y'all know each other's real names, but personally, on the other side of the pond, I'm still in the dark as to your identities.

    And now that you've plugged Gulliver into a line-up that includes MVC, TXH, and Bacevich, I'm reeaaaally curious. Or was that unintentional, and he's *just* attending?

    Ugghhh. So confused.

  4. Ha! No, Mike, my self-inclusion in that list wasn't meant to imply any sort of elevated status. I'm just a cog in the great martial machine, and I'm certainly not a name that you (or MVC, or TXH, or Bacevich, or really anyone beyond the other contributors to this blog and the few blog-friends I have on Facebook) would know.

    Just attending, not speaking. (As far as I know.)

  5. You are a cruel, cruel folk...

  6. Gulliver, if you go to my Facebook page you will see that I'm a "friend" of the Carlisle Barracks Outdoor Recreation peeps, which might be the most pissant admission ever made by a heterosexual male.

    It's kind of dated, however, so I'll just give you the skinny: There's a golf course. There's the Joint Pub (closes at the absurd 2100). There's also the Letort View's Tiki Bar (closes at 2200).

    It's very cheap.


    They carry your wussy Bud Lite.

    You should wear a jacket and tie if you're being escorted by either military or civilians because they have do so. You should live as they do.

    About four miles from base you can find several taverns along Hanover Street.

    They probably carry your wussy Bud Lite, too.


  7. I assume the Arby's reference was a joke, Gulliver?

  8. You should wear a jacket and tie if you're being escorted by either military or civilians because they have do so. You should live as they do.

    See, Mike, even SNLII -- with whom I am friends on Facebook -- doesn't really know me. The man thinks I would go somewhere without suiting up!

    And ah, his favorite, the Bud Light bit. One time, you tell someone that one might occasionally enjoy a light beer in the shower after rugby practice or mowing the lawn, and you never live it down...

    Madhu -- I assume the Arby's reference was a joke, Gulliver?

    As much as we all may wish it were so...