Monday, April 26, 2010

Tactical tribal engagement

While I'm posting today, I'd like to draw your attention to a piece that Abu Muqawama and I put together on tribal engagement at the tactical level. This abbreviated planning framework was the result of our discussions in the tactical working group at the Tribal Engagement Workshop that the boys at Small Wars Journal put together. We had a great group of experienced officers and civilians - many of whom have done this mission in Afghanistan. So head on over and give it a read!

UPDATE: You can also find it at SWJ where you can see it in all of its PDF glory.


  1. And you all draw me in again....

    I was avoiding the internet, but somehow that never works out.

    - Madhu

  2. Gunslinger- I already posted on SWJ, but good summary.

  3. Thanks Mike. We kept it short since it's really supplemental to all of the other stuff written from the TEW and it's all the intellectual work of the tactical working group members. Ex and I just wanted to put out a basic outline of what a tactical leader will have to think through before he embarks on such an adventure.

  4. Nothing wrong with brevity. Hell, as you know, we took down a gov't with orders like, "Red One, Black Six, attack to CP 126 and seize Obj Marne."

    The reason that I liked it is that it provides an overview to the 99% of the folks that don't read MilBlogs everyday but need the info. Much like a good executive summary, it provides enough interest that the reader will want to read more.