Monday, July 6, 2009

Carville goes to Kabul?

James Carville is apparently going to Afghanistan to consult for Ashraf Ghani. The U.S.-educated former finance minister is challenging Hamid Karzai in the August presidential elections. From Bloomberg:

In an interview before leaving for Kabul, Carville said he hadn’t discussed his trip with [SecState Hillary] Clinton, and was going for an exploratory visit as a private consultant.

“I don’t think anybody would veto me doing this,” said Carville, 64, who said he has worked on campaigns in 18 countries. “I’ve worked in Israel when Bill Clinton was president. It’s what I do.”

Ghani, 60, who has a Ph.D in anthropology from Columbia University in New York and worked at the Washington-based World Bank, is one of 41 Karzai opponents competing in the Aug. 20 elections. Ghani, who became finance minister in 2002, said in an interview with the New York Times in January that he stepped down from that post in 2004 because Afghanistan had been taken over by drug traffickers.

Curious to see if Christian and Josh have anything to say about this.


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