Friday, November 20, 2009

As far as I can tell, they got this pretty much right

A new and strikingly accurate map of the world from the blog of the enviro-travel magazine Wend:

Pretty much nailed it.

(This post is a response to doubts about our collective Americanness! And I'm just kidding. (Mostly.))


  1. Considering that map, it's a minor wonder AFRICOM was ever created ...

  2. Nah, Africa exists according to America, it's just all lions and genocide.

  3. This is an all time classic :LOL: :lol:

    Positroll, we Americans don't do African.

    I think the map was wrong about China. Most Americans like Chinese, see them as rich and successful capitalists who study all the time; we don't see them as communists. Its Ruskies that we are suspicious about. Maybe the Ruskies are the commies?

  4. Mexico does our laundry? I thought they sent us drugs and cheap labor.

  5. "Positroll, we Americans don't do African."
    Considering the current US presidents ancestry, I'd guess the map is a little older ...
    (which also explains communist Russia, with China "making our stuff" ...)

    "Mexico does our laundry? I thought they sent us drugs and cheap labor."
    Money laundering! ;-)

  6. There seems to be an updated version available - including Africa ...