Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New blog: al-Sahwa

Just been made aware (via Starbuck via KoW) of a new COIN-ish blog called al-Sahwa. They've been up for about two weeks, and thus far it looks like a welcome addition to the blogosphere in our field(s). Here's how they describe themselves in their kickoff post:
The idea for this blog started with a series of e-mail conversations between a group of current and former military folks who had recently returned from serving together in Iraq. As we all moved on to different locations, we recognized the need for continued discussion and critical thought about what lay ahead. Our goal is to identify and analyze emerging trends in intelligence and irregular warfare - in terms of threat, mission, and environment. The idea is to inspire reasoned, informed debate and discussion among a wide range of participants who can offer alternative perspectives.
In much the same way, we aim to gain a deep understanding of our enemies' motivations, methods, and intentions. We must develop this rich understanding in order to inform our discussions on how to improve our plans and policy - at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. We want to involve as many folks as possible in the process - from intelligence analyst to deployed infantry Soldier, to DC think-tanker, to government policymaker. Please take part in these discussions and feel free to agree, disagree, and suggest new topics or points for discussion.
So welcome, al-Sahwa.

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  1. Gulliver:

    Thanks so much for highlighting our new blog - Al Sahwa. I've been reading through your recent posts and only hope that we can match your blog in its level of detail and quality, insightful analysis. Like you, we're hoping to become a forum for debate and discussion on key issues. We welcome you (and your readers) to join us.