Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Human Terrain: War Becomes Academic (The Film)

Have any of you heard about this? The Watson Institute's Global Media Project, at Brown University, just won the Audience Award at the 50th Festival dei Popoli in Florence last month for its film on Human Terrain teams.

You can watch the trailer here.

It's an interesting trailer and the film apparently discusses the formation and work of Human Terrain teams. I haven't seen it obviously but I'm curious to find out if anyone has and if so, what you thought.


  1. Lil - good link. It makes me think of the comments Joshua Foust makes on his blog, occasionally, that human terrain teams have a very mixed result in Afghanistan. At least, that's what my sometimes faulty memory tells me...

  2. Looks good. NFI how I'm ever going to find the movie though.

  3. Just watched this trailer. Does anyone have the faintest idea where one can view the actual movie? The Google is stumped. (So, apparently, are the makers of the film. Under "Upcoming Screenings" on the website, they list two film festivals that have already occurred.)

  4. Waiting to hear back from a number of festivals in the US and in negotiation for possible theatrical distribution. Our new web site is now up ( and we will keep people posted about screenings and DVD release dates. Thanks for your interest.

    Michael Udris
    Co-Director, Human Terrain