Saturday, July 31, 2010

30 JULY: A year ago on Ink Spots

Ok, so I'm a day late on this one, but I'm sure you won't have noticed. Just a quick one today; it's Saturday morning, blessedly un-humid and about 80 degrees here in DC, and I'm making ribs, so the blog is going to have to play second fiddle (as if it doesn't already)!

This time last year, we were just getting to know Starbuck (of Wings Over Iraq fame) and Schmedlap. Which was good timing, because they were both writing about PowerPoint, and who would've wanted to miss that? Especially hope you'll check out the link within that post to Schmedlap's PPT briefing on why PowerPoint sucks.

Gunslinger took a brief look at a confrontation between Iraqi security forces and American troops responding to an incident, worrying about the potentially dire portent of this kind of clash. In the intervening year, we've moved closer to the departure of the bulk of American troops (which reminds me: one month from tomorrow, on 01 SEP 10, OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM officially becomes OPERATION NEW DAWN. So mark your calendars), but there's still a chance for this kind of thing in the future. You guys heard about any similar incidents?

A year ago, former Liberian president Charles Taylor was on trial. He was saying some pretty nutty stuff. He's still on trial. On the bright side, I guess that's due process. Check out this excellent resource on the progress of the trial, courtesy of the Open Society Institute. (Lil linked to it last year but sort of buried the lede. If you're interested in the trial, read that website!)

So, uh, Exum was on TV last year and I live-blogged his appearance and busted his balls a whole bunch in the process. I think it would be a pretty egregious oversight if I left that out of the one-year-later just because we're buddies now, so here you go. One interesting note from that interview: Ex said that August of 2010 would be a good time to gauge progress in Afghanistan. So, uh, start in on that tomorrow, guys.

For just about a year now, Multi National Forces-Iraq has been Mono National Forces-Iraq (OK, it's actually been U.S. Forces-Iraq, but I made that joke a year ago and wanted to demonstrate continued faith in it).

Also, briefly: Cracks started appearing in the COIN approach in Afghanistan, Tom Ricks didn't know what he was talking about (but who cares?), and I found an awesome cartoon that seemed to capture what being a COINdinista is all about.

Have a good weekend, folks.

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