Friday, July 9, 2010

Support the discerning counterinsurgent's rugby club while feeling sophisticated and awesome!

Now is the time on Schprockets when we (and by we, I mean I) shamefully beg for not-totally-altruistic charity from the readership!

Ok, DC friends: As you're sitting there in your jorts sweating through another disgusting summer in the swampland capital, do you ever think "man, I wish I could get dressed up in the cocktail attire of my choice, knock back a few drinks with my sophisticated friends, and have a chance to win fabulous prizes, all while supporting a very grateful local sports team"? You do?? Well, you're in luck, because I'm about to offer you just such an opportunity.

Two weeks from tomorrow, on Saturday, July 24, my rugby club is hosting a Casino Night fundraiser at James Hoban's Irish Restaurant and Bar. Our intrepid B-side fullback will be there, and I'll be tuxed up and yet still somehow totally anonymous. Come play blackjack, craps, roulette, etc., take advantage of all the beer and wine you're interested in, and have a chance to win a big TV, a vacation rental in North Carolina, and a whole bunch of other excellent stuff.

All this for just $70?! Unbelievable but true. Come support what is almost certainly the best rugby club in town for security policy analysis. I'm begging you, please: if the club goes under, we'll have to play kickball.

Tickets here. More info here. Learn about the club here. Give written instructions to Exum on how to field a high ball here.


  1. Schprockets?

    What is going on? Every blog I'm catching up with post vacation is in some kind of 90s retro time warp.

    On the rest of it, I've got nothing to say. Except your post kind of reminds me of my time at THE HOSPITAL WHICH SHALL NOT BE NAMED, in the city of Boston, where the humid swamp like summers only added to the other worldly feel of my strange, strange life amongst that strange tribe known as the elites....

    OG. If I lived in D.C. I'd hang with people like you, wouldn't I?

  2. An over-dressed casino night event. I envision it unfolding like this.

  3. Post-college Rugby is for frat douches who refuse to grow up.

    I played D-I football, a real man sport. For those of us not good enough to continue to play at the next level, we find new past times like gambling, whoring, and power-drinking.

  4. Sorry I'll be missing the tux--particularly since you all I'm sure will look a lot better than when you come off the pitch!