Monday, January 18, 2010

Chad-Sudan Border Force

Le Monde reported last week that Chad and Sudan have agreed to create a joint border force which will deploy along the two countries' borders by February 20th.

Apparently the two countries have agreed to staff border posts and secure their borders. The initial deployment, scheduled for February 15-20, will coincide with a meeting of the "mixed security and military commission."

The article adds that observation posts will be created in Abeche on the Chadian side and in El-Geneina in Darfur. The two countries have reportedly also agreed to take steps to cease presence in each other's territory and to stop supporting armed groups in these border regions.

This in interesting because it amounts to a public recognition, by both countries, that they've been supporting rebel groups in the other country. On the other hand, it also strikes me as mostly symbolic. After all, how much is one "joint" border post really going to help unless of course these armed groups suddenly decide that they want to use "official" border crossings?


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