Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It ain't exactly Operation Market Garden

If you were wondering why the brigade from the 82d Airborne that's doing HA/DR in Haiti didn't arrive by parachute, anonymous "senior military officials" addressed that question during a background briefing with the press this morning.

Q The -- early on, was there ever any -- and you may have just answered this -- any consideration to jumping the 82nd itself in; they then set up -- you know, you're clear, you got a landing zone, and then vehicles and supplies come in?

SR. MILITARY OFFICIAL 1: I would have to, you know, defer to the commander on the ground out there. I don't think at this -- from my point of view right here, I don't believe there was a conscious decision to do that, because we didn't think that was a -- the prudent thing to do. It was a --

Q It wasn't really considered?

SR. MILITARY OFFICIAL 1: No. And it's -- and there's also an issue of optics here, because we are there to assist and enable. This is not a jump into a combat zone; this is not a jump.

So we're there to assist and enable. It's a peaceful nation. It's a very dramatic and, as General Keen said, epic proportions, the disaster there. And we're there to get there quickly and to help. And to parachute in or to drop in, it was not required and would have probably sent the wrong message.

Uh, yeah. Probably.


  1. Actually, everyone in the PIR I was with wanted to jump. I wanted to jump, too.

    Sorta a jump between Hollywood and combat.


  2. SNLII -- Doesn't surprise me at all that the guys would want to jump!

    Welcome back, btw -- glad you're safe.