Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dirty French, pt 2: an update!

Remember that dirty Frenchman who gouged another dude's eyes during a rugby match and got suspended for 24 weeks? (You should! I wrote about it here.) Well, his little buddy has finally been sentenced for GOUGING THE EYES OF THE EXACT SAME DUDE DURING THE SAME GAME. The verdict? Fat Frenchman Timothy Attoub was slapped with a 70 week ban! Take a suck of that, cheating French!

The best part of the story by far is the reaction of Max Guazzini, the president of Attoub's club Stade Francais. The club first tried the "you've got us all wrong!" defense, insisting that that photographs of Attoub's fingers jammed into Stephen Ferris' eyes had been doctored. When that nonsense was dismissed, Guazzini told the press that the sentence was "excessive, very political, and anti-French." That may or may not be true of this judgment, but it's certainly true of my posting!

Hey France: stop cheating!

P.S. Again, nothing to do with war, but I thought this was an essential update to the original story. I promise to limit myself to like a dozen France-cheats-at-everything posts per year.

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  1. I've got to say, 70 weeks seems a bit mild...