Friday, January 8, 2010

Lowest content week ever?

Sorry about that, guys. All I've been doing since I came back to DC from the holidays is trying to dig myself out at work and reading a lot of physics. (Yeah, I know.) But I'm gonna go annihilate some Korean barbeque tonight, then spend tomorrow smoking this unbelievable Bacon Delivery Vehicle and watching the Cowboys beat down the Eagles, and I promise I'll feel refreshed and energized and ready to care about war again by Sunday. I mean, ok, maybe not promise, but I feel confident. It's more likely than not. Like, at least 50/50.

Enjoy the weekend, folks. While you're at it, read Sean McFate in Foreign Policy on how creating a Liberian security force from scratch could possibly have anything to do with training and expanding the ANSF. (Hint: it really doesn't.)


  1. I spoke too soon: Lil lightin' it up Africa-style this afternoon!

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  3. That was full of typos...what I was trying to say was I hadn't done my part for the week. There's one more coming. Also read Sean's piece in Foreign Policy, maybe I should write about that too.