Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Brookings report on Afghanistan

Brookings has a new report out (h/t to CFR's must read): Afghanistan Index Tracking Variables of Reconstruction & Security in Post-9/11 Afghanistan by Ian S. Livingston, Heather L. Messera, and Michael O’Hanlon.

Haven't had time to read it carefully yet but it looks like a collection of pretty charts grouped into the following categories: "security indicators," "governance and rule of law indicators," "economic and quality of life indicators," and "polling and public opinion."


  1. It's a steamy load of horseshit.


  2. Don't hold back, SNLII.

    Watched a bit of the Afghanistan London Conference on CSPAN. I'm sure some of the nerds who frequent this joint did, too. Be honest! So, what'd you all think? I'm reading a lot of Indian sources, naturally, so you all know where my head is at on this stuff.

  3. SNLII--I took a closer look. It's superficial stuff and they didn't go very deep in terms of is nicely presented though.

    Madhu--need to read more before I can say anything smart. I've been busy with work.

  4. No worries Lil - I was just suggesting possible future material for a post, and goofing around mostly. I know it's tough to blog when work is busy :)

  5. I know Madhu...I've been on deadline and procrastinating--not a good combination.