Tuesday, January 12, 2010

COL Brian Drinkwine, commander of 4/82, briefing the press this morning (UPDATED)

Drinkwine will appear by VTC from Afghanistan at 1000. His unit, 4th BCT of the 82d Airborne Division, is the first "modular brigade augmented for security force assistance" to be sent to the theater. Details to follow when the transcript is released.

UPDATE: Transcript up.

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  1. On a purely aesthetic note: Drinkwine is a good name.

    *We do this thing in the lab - okay, I do - where we try and guess the age cohort of the patient by the first name on the lab report. There are certain trends - a la that Freakonomics chapter on the way first names move into the general population as a kind of status marker. So, a Gertrude or Mable are surely in their 80s, the Jennifers are in the Gen X cohort like me, etc.

    **I know. We're dull. Dull nerds. And yet, still adding to the nerd quotient by actually waiting for the transcript. Sort of.